sehr gütte Musik aus dem Kleinbasel, hier reinhören


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das zweite Album der Kleinbasler Band PAKS, anstelle Releasetour.

PAKSHOTEL is an almost forgotten location on the extreme edge of the Balkans, where the people of PAKS had settled for a short time. A few guests came and went, the hotel cat sniffed the windowsill, and suddenly PAKSHOTEL was dissolved into mere sound, smell and rumor. A short fleeting episode, wistfully preserved in grooves, whispers and moans in a flat cardboard box. PAKSHOTEL doesn’t exist anymore, and yet almost everyone is welcome to live there. Excerpts from the guestbook:

„I’d probably come back here again and again most of the time.”

„This double album will change your life like […] almost no other double […] thingy in the world.“

„sounding like an old blanket, like rotten silk. Perfect. A crooner in a swimming pool. I really can’t chose any of the tracks in particular, they’re all different and they’re all good as well.“

„What you think of HOLLIDAYS IN TCHERNYBOL ?“

About the band:
PAKS is a trio from Basel, more accurate Kleinbasel: a district where abandoned sofas meet unemployed construction sites.

“nincsen semmi” – There is nothing – in Paks, the small town in Hungary from which the band borrowed their name, only one huge nuclear power station. A momentum of abdurdity, stupid force and probably a nuclear disaster is near of it…

The band sings in German, Hungarian and English and you will probably find yourself dancing to it and ask yourself how you’d got there.

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released June 26, 2020