Francois Boulanger – Svit (LP)

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The album Svit is dedicated to the industrial area called „Svit“ in Zlin, a city in the eastern part of Czech Republic. The dutch/swiss producer Francois Boulanger let himself inspire during a 6 month love related stay by the beautifully fucked up buildings which were originally build between 1906 and the 1930’s by the Bat’a shoe company. The production of the album Svit has an overall industrial vibe and combines hiphop instrumentals with house. Eastern european and american jazz samples, synthesizers and MPC programmed drums are accompanied by the atmosphere of the area which itself speaks through field recordings; it’s noises and sounds are used as a storytelling element throughout the album. These characteristics are also expressed visually on the cover, which is based on a painting by czech painter Filip Lang. The hook shown is a still existing artifact in the area, hanging around in a hidden corner.